About Me

Since I was little, my hands have gripped onto cameras – polaroid cameras before they became “retro”, disposable cameras before they became wedding favors, and then a film camera landed in my lap during college. I spent hours in the darkroom with images of shadows, light, bodies, and faces with an occasional film strip of visual journalism. Despite my inner dreams, the outer world shook my roots, my faith in myself, and ultimately my interest in capturing life.

12 years ago I packed up my camera believing this passion had run its’ course. Yet the lightning bugs would reappear and the path would become slighter clear. Of course that was until I drowned those damn bugs in a bath of cynicism.

Now in the midst of the hottest and muggiest summer in Arkansas, the lightning bugs turned in to venomous mosquitos who could not be ignored. A camera found its’ way back into my hands and I’ve returned to my first way of communicating with the world.

I may miss the darkroom, but digital photography has found a way in. I have zero expectations of where this may go, if anywhere. Any “plans” have been ditched (which if you know me is way outside of my norm).


Before the Summer of 2019

My website has transformed over the past few months. The original intent was an outlet for written language. Below is a little bit of the “about me” from then.

Returning for what I initially thought would be a short stay in my home state of Arkansas, has now become my rooted home. The love – hate I have for my southern culture and my own struggles with maintaining well-being have landed me in this physical place surrounded by my very small, but very close circle of unconditionally loving, badass friends. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least not on most days.